Our RTP UltraDry Towel uses ultra microfibers that are super absorbent and absorbs 4x the weight of its towel. Highly absorbent and ultra-fast drying towel keeps your face, hands, and body dry after each point, game and set.

The UltrDry Towel is made with super soft microfiber material so it won't irritate your skin and is ideal for those with sensitive skin.

With it's lightweight & compactness, you can travel light and save room for other extras in your bag. Weighs just 1/3 and storing size is 1/4 of traditional cotton towels.

Snap Loop in the middle of the towel can be used to hang on the fence or bags so you don't have to put it on the ground or get the towel dirty.

Warning: Wash separately the first 2-3 times as color may bleed. Do not bleach.

RTP UltraDry Towel

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